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We have over 5000 posters in our collection, documenting Australian LGBTIQ+ life from the 1970s onwards. Notable subject areas held include gay liberation, protests, pride festivals, nightclubs, dance parties and HIV/AIDS education material. The Poster Collection also incorporates our holdings of protest placards. The collection includes a number of international LGBTIQ+ posters, most notably HIV/AIDS educational posters from the USA and Germany.

In addition to our main collection, we hold a number of formed poster collections including:

  • Ian Malloy Collection: Australian HIV/AIDS education, gay rights activism, and Canberra LGBTIQ+ life
  • David McDiarmid Collection: Posters designed by McDiarmid
  • Grant Kilby Collection: The Sydney and American leather scenes including two original poster designs by Allan Booth
  • Les Smith Collection: Posters documenting this Brisbane-based DJ’s career
  • Beige Design (Chris Orr and Paul Clifton) Collection: Posters designed by this graphic design duo for Melbourne dance parties.

Posters catalogue list (pdf)

Intersex = body diversity (N.T., Australia : Sisters & Brothers NT, 2014)
Intersex = Body Diversity 2014
Sweat Party : At the New Manhattan : 201 Brunswick St. (Brisbane, Qld, Australia : Queensland Association for Gay Law Reform, c.1989) A303
Sweat party 1989
You’ll never forget the feeling of safe sex (Melbourne, Vic, Australia : Victorian AIDS Council (VAC), 1985) A301
You’ll never forget the feeling of safe sex 1985
‘When I grow up I want to marry whom ever I love’ [placard] – painted by Will Sargeant (age 3) with text by his mums (Melbourne, Vic, Australia, 2015) [Produced for the Equal Love Marriage Equality Rally, Melbourne, 15 August 2015]
‘When I grow up I want to marry whomever I love’... 2015
Wimmins’ Dance : Disco Warehouse, Bay 9, No 9 Ultimo Road, Haymarket (Sydney, NSW, Australia : Girls Own, 1981) A003
Wimmin’s Dance 1981
Some kids have two mums, Lovely Mothers Series – Marion Moore (photographer), Elisa Hall (designer), Catherine Fargher (designer) (Sydney, NSW, Australia : Word of Mouth III, lesbian visibility project, 1993) A071a
Some kids have two mums 1993