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Our collection of over 1200 articles are copies of single articles on LGBTIQ+ topics from periodicals that we don’t otherwise collect or individual chapters from books that we don’t otherwise hold. We also have significant groups of articles in some of our manuscript collections, for example:

  • Papers of Ken Sinclair (1927-2005) includes over 300 articles on the Catholic Church and homosexuality, and Catholic pastoral care for people with HIV/AIDS, and on HIV/AIDS in general.
  • Papers of Ian Goller (1943-1993) include over 250 articles relating to his work as a researcher and educator in the community response to HIV/AIDS in Australia.
  • Papers of Roberta Perkins (1949-2018), include over 200 articles on transgender history, anthropology, sociology, psychology, medical, etc.

Finding aids to these collections are available for use by researchers at the Archives.

Articles catalogue list (pdf) 

Experiences beyond the threshold : Sydney’s gay bathhouses / Jason Prior (Routledge) Australian Cultural History v. 27 n.1, Apr 2009
Experiences beyond the threshold : Sydney’s gay... 2009
“The Man-Woman Murderer”: Sex Fraud, Sexual Inversion and the Unmentionable “Article” in 1920s Australia / Ruth Ford ([Oxford] : Blackwell Publishers) Gender & History, v.12 n.1 April 2000, pp. 158–196
“The Man-Woman Murderer”: Sex Fraud, Sexual Inversion... 2000