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The Newspaper Clippings Collection contains over 50,000 clippings (approximately 12 shelf metres), covering Australian metropolitan dailies and regional and suburban newspapers. Original newspaper clippings have been photocopied for preservation purposes and are sorted chronologically into binders. Between 1982 and the mid-1990s we received regular donations of newspaper clippings from OutRage magazine and Father Ken Sinclair, who received clippings from a newspaper clippings service. Additional clippings, particularly those from before 1970 have been actively copied from the national and state libraries. Approximately 15% of the Collection has been indexed, including our notable editorials listing below.

In addition to the main Collection, there are a number of archival collections that hold important newspaper clippings collections, including the Papers of G.R. (transgender, drag) and Records of Fairfield House Education and Resource Centre (HIV/AIDS).

Electronic resources:
Editorials in Australian newspapers related to homosexuality, 1913 to 1991 (Melbourne, Vic : Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives, 2010, 2nd ed.)

A range of newspapers have been digitised and are text searchable via the National Library of Australia’s Trove database. The bulk of these date to the current mid-1950s copyright free period, with selected material after this date.

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Exterminate gays furore, Sunday Territorian (Darwin) 10 March 1985
Exterminate gays furore 1985
Doctor’s plea for homosexuals, The Australian (Sydney), 5 October 1966
Doctor’s plea for homosexuals 1966
Groom was a girl, Australia’s first gay wedding, Truth (Melbourne), 6 March 1976, p.1
Groom was a girl, Australia’s first gay wedding 1976
Public opinion – Treated badly, Advocate (Burnie), 10 April 1975
Public opinion – Treated badly 1975
Cops broke up the queer ball, Truth (Brisbane), 19 November 1967, Papers of G. R.
Cops broke up the queer ball 1967