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Our Periodicals Collection is the world’s most comprehensive holding of Australian LGBTIQ+ periodicals, and the most extensive collection of non-Australian LGBTIQ+ periodicals in Australia, with over 2100 titles. Our holdings include national magazines and journals, metropolitan street press, community group newsletters, and zines.

One hundred and fifty titles, comprising almost 250,000 pages, have been digitised in Gale’s Archives of Sexuality and Gender, which is accessible for free onsite at our Reading Room, and from selected research libraries. You can also access digitised copies of Camp Ink and Lesbians on the Loose online at the National Library of Australia’s Trove website.

Are you able to fill any gaps (pdf) in our collection? If you’d like to help us by donating an issue, please contact us. We’re very grateful to our donors for helping us build our collection.

Chronology of Australian LGBTIQ+ Periodicals (pdf)

Periodicals catalogue list (pdf)

Refractory Girl n.5, lesbian issue summer 1974 (Sydney, NSW)
Refractory Girl, n.5 (Summer 1974) 1972-1999
Outrage n.89, October 1990 (Melbourne, Vic) [Bill Hathaway (Photo Andrew Lehman)]
OutRage, No. 89 (October 1990) 1983-2000
Drummer, n.146, c. Jan1991 (San Francisco, CA) [Clive Platman]
Drummer, No. 146, 1991 1975-1999
William and John, n.1, January 1972 (North Manly, NSW)
William and John, No.1 (January 1972) 1972-1973