After Homosexual: The Legacies of Gay Liberation

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Edited by Carolyn D’Cruz and Mark Pendleton

Forty years have passed since the publication of Dennis Altman’s crucial text, Homosexual: Oppression and Liberation, which captured the vibrant and violent explosions of the gay liberation movement. On this anniversary, Carolyn D’Cruz and Mark Pendleton have compiled an impressive band of writers, activists, historians and founders of the liberation movement.

The anthology captures the voices of people who were at the forefront forty years ago, or who can comment on the emergence of one of the most successful movements of identity politics. It includes chapters from founding activists of the Gay Liberation Front, from prominent historians, from people reflecting on personal connections within the social movements, from contemporary literary figures and academics, and reproduces some of the key speeches, manifestos and ephemera of the early movements.

After Homosexual also looks to the future of the gay liberation movement; the challenges, the different measures of success and the opportunities for political and social transformation.


Section One: Looking back

  1. On first reading Dennis Altman Jeffrey Weeks
  2. From Ulan Bator to literary fame Richard Walsh
  3. Homosexual, forty years on Andrea Goldsmith
  4. Notes on Homosexual Don Shewey
  5. Border crossing Karla Jay
  6. Ours is in colour: the new left of the 1960s Raewyn Connell
  7. The circle dance: movements and moves Alice Echols
  8. On anger: the months after the Stonewall rebellion Steven F. Dansky
  9. A tribute to Dennis Altman Anne Summers
  10. Black Power and gay liberation: an interview with Gary Foley Carolyn D’Cruz
  11. Political activism and radical change: Homosexuality A Film for Discussion (1975) Barbara Creed
  12. A personal reflection on Dennis Altman’s Homosexual Gary W. Dowsett
  13. Homosexual elements of a political life Graham Willett

    Section Two: A dossier of gay liberation texts, manifestos and pictures from ALGA
  14. A gay manifesto, 1970 Carl Wittman
  15. Radicalesbian manifesto, 1973 Radicalesbians
  16. On maleness, 1973 Tony Crewes
  17. The effeminist manifesto, 1973 Kenneth Pitchford
  18. Gay is good, 1970 Martha Shelley
  19. Gay Liberation Front (Melbourne), 1972
  20. Gay Lib come out!, 1972 Dennis Altman

    Section: Three Moving on
  21. Witness to a lost imagination Sarah Schulman
  22. At the margins of representation Dion Kagan
  23. My queer apprenticeship: between politics and friendship Christos Tsiolkas
  24. And now we want to get married. . . ? Garry Wotherspoon
  25. Altman on Halperin: politics versus aesthetics in the constitution of the male homosexual William Leonard
  26. Too queer to be square Dean Spade
  27. From the ashes of empire Martha Shelley
  28. Queerdom is whoredom Elena Jeffreys
  29. Homosexual past, present, future Neville Hoad
  30. Hope and homosexual generations Robert Reynolds
  31. The (Red) Lion, the bitch and the wardrobe Carolyn D’Cruz
  32. On queer unlearning Daniel Marshall
  33. The end of tolerance and the last homosexual Jonathan Symons
  34. Returning to Altman: same-sex marriage and the apparitional child John Whittier Treat
  35. Queer liberation? The posterior turn and gay liberation Jasmine McGowan
  36. Against Equality, against capitalism: towards an economic critique of gay marriage Ryan Conrad
  37. Suspended histories: AIDS and the forgetting of liberation Mark Pendleton

Published by UWA Publishing, 2013. Paperback, 234 x 156 mm. 336 pages.

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