Australia’s Homosexual Histories: Gay and Lesbian Perspectives V

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Edited by Graham Willett and David Phillips

An anthology of some of the papers from the first two conferences on Australia’s Homosexual Histories.


  • Cross dressing, sexual (mis)representation and homosexual desire, 1863-1893 Lucy Chesser
  • Policing the ‘abominable crime’ in nineteenth century Victoria Adam Carr
  • ‘And merrily rang the bells’: gender-crossing and same-sex marriage in Australia, 1900-1940 Ruth Ford
  • The origins of homosexual politics in Australia Graham Willett
  • Coming out, ready or not: gay liberation politics in Queensland, 1970s-1980s Clive Moore
  • Did we manage to kill ‘the family’?: the media whirwind that was Kenton Penley Miller
  • Gay liberation and the paradox of bisexuality Steven Angelides
  • CAMP Inc. and the creation of the ‘open’ homosexual Robert Reynolds
  • The homosexual lifestyle hypothesis and the social construction of knowledge about AIDS Paul Sendziuk
  • Homosexuality and the Melbourne Truth: an annotated listing, 1913-45 Wayne Murdoch

Published by The Australian Centre for Lesbian and Gay Research and the Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives, 2000.

221 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm.

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