2020: The Australian Queer Archives

ALGA becomes AQuA

At the ALGA Annual General Meeting held on Thursday 3rd December, 2020 members voted on a special resolution to change the name of the Archives from the ‘Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives’ to the ‘Australian Queer Archives’, with 96% of votes in favour of the change.

The vote came after two years of community consultation which included public surveys, member surveys, one-on-one conversations, discussion forums, workshops and email correspondence. In a final survey to members in April 2020, a choice of three names was presented and ‘Australian Queer Archives’ was voted the most popular.  The vote at the 2020 AGM formalised the name change.

The term Queer was felt to be a broadly inclusive term for all our communities and the acronym of AQuA provides a pleaseing reference to the fluidity of gender and sexuality.