Strategic Plan 2022 – 2024

Our purpose: To collect, preserve and provide access to archival materials which capture the rich, diverse history of the Australian LGBTIQA+ community

Collection Management

Effectively manage, maintain and grow the collection so it’s streamlined, secure, and easily and professionally accessible.

Strategic Priorities

  1. Transfer the collection catalogue to an appropriate database system.
  2. Update Collection Policies to improve governance and operational efficiencies.
  3. Enhance the management of offsite storage and access.
  4. Increase rate of digitisation

In 2024 we aim to have achieved:

  • Database system selected, data cleansed, and loaded.
  • Collection policies identified, developed, implemented and reviewed.
  • VPC space set up, offsite storage plan developed, public access increases to 2 days/week.
  • Digital storage system acquired, digitisation priorities and strategy developed, majority of at-risk materials digitised.

Organisational Sustainability

Grow the organisation’s long term sustainability through improved planning and management of people, finance, accommodation and governance

Strategic Priorities

  1. Diversify and grow income by 30% to enable operational cost recovery and best practice collection management.
  2. Enhance organisational governance through an improved Committee structure and operational remit.
  3. Renew and diversify membership of committees.
  4. Develop volunteer training, SOPs, coordination capacity, and events programming to enhance operations and improve volunteer experience and retention.

In 2024 we aim to have achieved:

  • Investment strategy implemented, philanthropy audited, grow income to meet goal of supporting 1.0FTE staffing and operational costs.
  • Identify governance risks, review operational models, develop charter and subcommittee terms of reference.
  • Skills matrix and recruitment plan developed and implemented, aligned with Diversity and Inclusion Plan.
  • Training requirements identified, program developed, coordination plan developed, volunteer system reviewed and evaluated.

Stakeholder Engagement

Strengthen and promote collaboration with key communities, industries, partners, members and donors to enable greater participation in what we do.

Strategic Priorities

  1. Improve understanding of our diverse partners, communities, sectors and initiate more meaningful collaborations.
  2. Strengthen relationships with First Nations communities, especially queer mob.
  3. Improve Member experience and increase retention.

In 2024 we aim to have achieved:

  • Diversity and Inclusion Plan scoped, developed and implemented.
  • Establish and initiate consultation processes to enhance First Nations relationships.
  • Implement new membership system, restart newsletter, host VPC and online member events, improve retention by 50%.