A History of LGBTIQ+ Victoria in 100 Places and Objects

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By Graham Willett, Angela Bailey, Timothy W. Jones, and Sarah Rood

A History of LGBTIQ+ Victoria in 100 Places and Objects was commissioned by Heritage Victoria to highlight the rich, diverse and unique history of queer communities in Victoria and to demonstrate how these communities are reflected in the places, objects and landscapes that surround us. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, asexual, sistergirl and brotherboy (LGBTIQ+) people are, and always have been, an integral part of Victorian social, political and cultural life. However, the experiences and voices of queer communities have not commonly been included in the historical record and, consequently, queer heritage has remained largely invisible.

This report identifies 100 places, objects and collections that have specific and unique meaning to Victoria’s contemporary queer communities. Identifying and exploring the meaning of these places, objects and collections to members of the LGBTIQ+ communities who have suggested them adds depth and richness to Victoria’s history and heritage. It also makes visible the stories and experiences of communities that have, until recently, been ignored and at times actively persecuted.

Published by the Australian Queer Archives and Heritage Victoria, 2021. 248 pages.

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