A History of LGBTIQ+ Victoria in 100 Places and Objects

1 March 2021

We are excited to launch the report A History of LGBTIQ+ Victoria in 100 Places and Objects (pdf, 8MB), commissioned by Heritage Victoria and prepared by the Australian Queer Archives (AQuA). It identifies 100 objects, places and collections of significance to Victoria’s LGBTIQ+ communities, bringing to life the experiences of queer and gender diverse people from the 1830s onwards across Melbourne and regional Victoria.

Over a period of 14 months, AQuA and Heritage Victoria engaged with community members and individuals to capture and enrich these stories of queer life across Victoria. From personal collections, cultural institutions to local councils and the extensive collection of the Australian Queer Archives, to precincts north and south of the Yarra River to Daylesford, Bendigo and beyond, this report is a great opportunity to highlight and share these histories.

The Report includes a short citation for each of the 100 places including:

  • the location and description of the place
  • comment on existing heritage significance
  • a summary history in relation to LGBTIQ+ communities
  • the meaning and value of the place to queer communities
  • sources for further reference

“Every time an LGBTIQ+ person suggested one of these places and objects for this public moment, it was an act of trust, of belief in their right to have a history”

Joan Nestle, AQuA Patron

“Melbourne is fortunate to house one of the top five queer archives in the world, and this report shows the richness of materials that need to be preserved and treasured. Most importantly, it is a work that one can read with sheer pleasure at the stories of struggle, love, lust and accomplishment that the report uncovers”

Dennis Altman, AQuA Patron

If you are one of the over 150 people who made a submission to this project during the community consultation process, we thank you!



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