Code of Conduct

AQuA is a safer space where visitors can expect a welcoming, engaging, and supportive environment where everyone is treated with courtesy, respect and kindness, regardless of ethnicity, age, gender, gender identity, sexuality, intersex status, disability, religious belief or economic circumstances.

Everyone using AQuA’s collection, Reading Room or online resources should:

  • Respect each other’s physical and emotional boundaries
  • Respect each other’s right to hold their opinions, beliefs, and different points of view
  • Be aware that our words and actions can affect others regardless of our intentions and we should take responsibility for any harm they may cause
  • Never act in a way that would harass, bully, intimidate, vilify, victimise, or be violent
  • Act in a way to protect the health and safety of ourselves and those around us, including complying with government regulations.

The Code of Conduct of the Victorian Pride Centre also applies to visitors to AQuA’s Reading Room.

People not abiding by the code of conduct may be denied access to the collection, may be obliged to leave the Reading Room and may be excluded from social media and our other online spaces.