Caring for the collection

When working with the collection:

  • Ensure your hands are clean and dry before you handle material.
  • Wear provided gloves to handle fragile material.
  • No food or drink in the central work area or wherever collection materials are being handled.
  • Use a 2B pencil to make notes while you are working with the collection.
  • Don’t handle items unnecessarily. Keep items in their existing order.
  • Alert a coordinator if an item is damaged or at risk.
  • Volunteers agree to adhere to collection management procedures and donor agreements.
  • Researchers who wish to publish material from the collection should consult AQuA for publishing guidelines.

AQuA’s collection contains material that reflects the language and attitudes of the time of its creation, which might be out of step with contemporary expectations or may have content that is as challenging now as it was when first created. No one is obliged to view or handle material that makes them uncomfortable, but everyone must respect the importance of retaining this material in good condition for future research.