Before Mardi Gras: Gay+ in the 1970s – The 2019 ALGA History Conference – Saturday 16th November

9.00-10.00 Panel discussion: Where and how does Trans history fit within (or outside?) our concept of Gay and Lesbian history?
10.00-11.00 Session 4A


  • Katerina Liskova: Sexual Deviants and Delinquents: From a Non-Issue to a Large-Scale
  • Tim Jones: Religious LGBT conversion practices and spiritual health care in Australia, 1973-2019
Session 4B


  • Craig Middleton & Nikki Sullivan: Queering the Museum Online: A Workshop
11.00-11.30 Morning Tea
11.30-1.00 Session 5A


  • Damian Almeida: Gale’s Archives of Sexuality & Gender
  • Bill Calder: QTV, Community TV and queer history
  • Graham Willett: Queer Oz Folk, a publishing proposal
Session 5B


  • Joseph Chetcuti: Binary gay and lesbian history in a ‘non-binary era’: Ditching the social/political divide in our history
  •  John Fowler, It’s Time, Ready or Not
1.00-2.00 Lunch
2.00-3.30 Session 6A


  • Peter Robinson: Gay Men’s Working Lives in the 1970s
  • Matthew Egan and Barbara Voss: Coming out within the accounting profession during the marriage equality debate
Session 6B


  • Drew Pettifer: “A sorrowful act”: Art and Australia’s first sodomy trial (1727)
  • Alex Bayley: White Australia, Straight Australia: Anti-Chinese Homophobia in the Gold Rush Press
  • Graham Willett: The three scandals of Alfred Gottschalk
3.30-4.00 Afternoon Tea
4.00-5.00 Session 7A


  • Anthony Venn-Brown: Why I chose Christian gay conversion in the early 70s
  • Bart van der Wel:  “God, give me chastity, but not yet”: An history of Western attitudes to male masturbation.
Session 7B


  • Tyler Whitmarsh: An evaluation of citizen heritage in the identification of Queer heritage in Melbourne, Victoria
  • Alex Bayley: Digging up Queer Histories on the Victorian Goldfields