Opening Up to the World

21 August 2019
Richard presenting at ALMS 2019 – Photo by Nick Henderson

At the 2019 ALMS (Archives, Libraries, Museums, Special Collections) Conference, committee member Richard Keeble presented a paper “Opening Up to the World – Moving to a Web-based Collection Management System” which explains the process that ALGA’s Project Monte is going through in order to create a new online catalogue system.

As a first time attendee of ALMS Richard found that it was great to get an understanding of the variety, size and activities of other archives, to share ALGA’s experiences with creating a new catalogue system and being able to discuss catalogue systems with others from around the world as well as seeing how others are presenting LGBTI history using information technology.

Read his paper here: Opening up to the world: Moving to a web-based collection management system (pdf, 1.2MB)